What is Cleavage and Why is it Important?

Cleavage in breast augmentation is the space between the breasts seen in the standing position. Getting the cleavage right is one of the most important aspects of breast augmentation a sit largely determines the position and footprint of the implant. An attractive cleavage is neither too wide nor too narrow when standing out of a supporting bra. Too wide and it not only looks very unnatural, but it is also very unattractive: the ‘Tori Spelling look’. Too narrow and again , it not only looks unnatural but there are hygiene issues as well.

I believe the ideal cleavage is about 2 centimetres: no more than 2.5 centimetres and no less than 1.5 centimetres measured in the standing position.

The cleavage determines the start point for the other dimensions. Once we have decided on the cleavage width, the ideal implant is then determined, largely based on the width required, given the measurement of the breast base and the projection required, given the desired cup size. An attractive cleavage is always necessary as a starting point to attractive breasts.

Sometimes this is very difficult to achieve, especially in those with a sunken or pigeon chest, especially if there is asymmetry between the right and left chests.

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