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Breast size is mostly what breast augmentation is all about. It is not the whole story and although my job is to show the whole story, size is certainly uppermost in my patients minds when they consult me about breast surgery.

Breast size is commonly classified as A, B, C, D, DD, E, EE and so on. This actually refers to breast cup size. Unfortunately brassiere manufacturers do not seem to speak to each other, so that these cup sizes vary with different bras. Thankfully, most women have a very good idea what a particular cup size looks like and what they want for themselves.

Bras also have a number placed before the cup size. This refers to the chest size, measured round the chest under the breasts in the fold. This should be close to dress size but may vary by 1 or 2 dress sizes.

There has been a definite trend over the past 10 to 15 years towards much larger breasts. Whilst this is technically possible in the majority of patients, increasing size brings its own problems. Sport becomes more difficult especially high impact sport, jogging and horseriding and requires more in the way of strapping and firm sports bras.

Against this trend, fashion models prefer the smaller sizes of a full B to a medium C or so.

Breast size correlates highly with the size of the implant inserted. The implant size will be greatly determined by the current breast cup size as well as the desired cup size.

There are many implants available. Although most surgeons speak in terms of volume, what they actually measure are dimensions. The implant dimensions are projection (which correlates with cup size) as well as height and width (which depend on the patients dimensions). In round implants, of course, height and width are the same.

Important as choosing the right size for yourself is, equally important is the look you want.

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