Although most of the focus for breast augmentation appears to be size, most patients, consciously or unconsciously, have a look in mind when they come and see me. One of the very first questions I ask is: “What Look are You After?” “Do you want a Natural or a Fake look or something in between?” Not surprisingly, most women want a natural look. Has she or hasn’t she had breast implants? A natural look should be difficult to pick just by looking. A fake look should be obviously so. If my patient wants a natural look, then I always ask whether this look is rounded or teardrop shaped (the classic French breast).

A rounded natural look will have upper breast fullness but there will be a soft change from chest wall to breast. This often means going under the pectoral muscle to achieve this, but can be above the pectoral muscle if the subcutaneous or breast tissue is enough to soften the transition from chest to implant. To get this look, round implants are needed. These implants will need to be of greater volume than a corresponding teardrop shaped implant to give the appearance of the same cup size. This is because we look at ourselves in 2 dimensions whether in the mirror or in photos or selfies. The round implant will have its volume distributed more evenly than the teardrop -shaped implant. The teardrop-shaped implant will seem larger for the same volume due mainly to the asymmetric lower breast fullness. A natural rounded look is more favoured by younger patients, usually those in their twenties. A natural teardrop shape look will have some upper breast fullness, but most of the fullness will be in the lower breast. There will be fewer problems with upper pole implant visibility, and therefore, less often reasons to go under the pectoral muscle to soften the transition from chest to breast.

However the teardrop look will create a more mature look and is favoured more often by those 30 years of age and over. Usually this requires teardrop-shaped implants but it can be created with soft cohesive gel round implants located under the muscle.

A Fake look is self-explanatory, and whilst it may seem easy to accomplish it’s very important to plan carefully to ensure you get the desired result. Very high projection round implants are usually needed.


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